Episode 32

Published on:

20th Jul 2020

Alex Williams on the Yemen Crisis

Alex Williams, host of Yemen News, takes a turn answering the questions as he breaks down the impact of war, cholera, and COVID-19 on Yemeni families. He tells us how the war in Yemen started over five years ago, and describes the resilience of the Yemeni people through the conflict. Alex also points out that the ongoing bombing campaign is senseless since the Hadi government that it seeks to restore to power lacks real legitimacy. He calls for global pressure on all governments arming the warring parties in Yemen to stop fueling the bloodshed, emphasizing that this war is inhumane and must stop.

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COVID- 19 Update: 1606 Cases, 712 Recovered, 445 Deaths (Not including Houthi controlled areas)

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After living in Yemen for 10 years, and now assisting the Yemen response from abroad for five years I have realized the importance of telling the stories of Yemenis inside Yemen.
This podcast features up to date news coming out of Yemen. How are Yemenis living? What is the real situation on the ground? Listen to the stories of their joys, fears, suffering, and resilience and learn about opportunities for you to be a part of their story.

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Alex Williams

Alex Williams founded Yemen News in 2020. Alex lived in Yemen for ten years where he worked in the private sector. For the last five years, he has been assisting the response of local civil society organizations in Yemen while living abroad. He visited Yemen again in 2019 and the visit motivated him to create more opportunities for Yemenis to tell their stories directly to the international community.