Episode 36

Published on:

3rd Aug 2020

Amr Gamal: A Love Story for a Beloved City

Independent Yemeni film and theatre director Amr Gamal returns to the podcast to share more about his work and love for Aden. He talks about the power of comedy, and says, “When you mix tragedy with comedy it’s easier to swallow.” Amr also shares how, as he’s taken his work out of the country, he’s learned that, “People everywhere can understand your art if it’s from your heart.” He speaks candidly about his devotion to the city of Aden and his commitment to do whatever he can to give Aden the justice she deserves. Amr urges Yemenis living abroad, “Go see the world and come back. We need Yemenis to come back and re-build this country. If we all leave, who will stay and who will give justice to Yemen?”



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