Episode 35

Published on:

31st Jul 2020

Amr Gamal: Making Movies for the Yemeni People

After nearly all the theaters, cinemas, and stages in Aden were either shut down or destroyed following Yemen’s civil war that ended in 1994, Amr Gamal went on to become an independent Yemeni film and theatre director. He wrote and directed 10 theatre productions between 2005 and 2014 and his play Maak Nazel became the first Yemeni production to be performed in Europe. In 2018, Amr produced his first feature film, 10 Days Before the Wedding. The film premiered in Aden during the summer of 2018 and was screened there for over eight months. The actors who agreed to work on the film, despite the risks and the low budget, told Amr, “It’s better to die out doing something than to die at home doing nothing.” Amr and his team exemplify the spirit of Yemeni resilience – they recognize they have only one life to live and they are fighting every day to make it count.




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